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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Sat May 11, 2013 8:01 am


- All new recruits must be at least 18 years old. We will take someone as young as 16 provided that they have a personal recommendation from a full member of the guild.
- All new recruits must read and agree to these guidelines.
- All new recruits must go through a probationary period before being promoted to full member status.


This is aimed at making sure we get the kind of recruits to start with who'll fit in with us. If you take as a basis the idea that this is an active community dedicated to the principles of fair play, this is pretty obvious stuff.
Forums: You must sign up for an account on the forums and try to read them at least once or twice a week.
Fair and Honorable PvP Play: You engage in unfair and dishonorable play when you initiate an attack on the opposition such that they have little chance of doing anything other than dying (attacking with vastly superior numbers/levels, when the opposition is fighting a mob, etc.); you are expected to not do this. Exceptions to this are common-sensical. [If someone attacks you first or aids someone you're fighting, they're fair game. If someone uses a spell or effect on you, such as sheeping you or putting a hunter's mark on you, they're fair game. If someone shows up in the middle of a capital city, camps a resource such as a flight path or quest turn-in or engages in unfair tactics against members of the Horde, that can be considered an "act of war".]
Corpse Camping: Characters are weakened when they return to life after dying. If you kill someone, move on.
Obnoxious Public Behavior: We're looking for mature gamers. This means no public temper tantrums, begging for money, ninja-looting, and the like.
Selling to Guildies: You may not attempt to profit off of guild members. You may ask for materials or reagents (or enough money to cover the cost of same) if someone wants you to make or do something for them, and you are not required to say yes to every request from a fellow guildie. If you offer items to guildies, you cannot ask for money in return--as long as any person who wants them actually plans to use them.
Promotion and contributions: Promotion is based on your contributions to the guild, of whatever kind: participation in events and guild chat, questing with fellow members, or recruiting, donating to the guild bank, etc. It's also based on the officers evaluation of your readiness to take on additional responsibilities within the guild.
Work with us: The officers welcome discussion of anything you don't agree with, and questions and concerns have at times caused us to rework our guidelines accordingly. Work with us and we'll work with you.

Leveling and Alts

There is a great deal of high-end game content that is difficult to access without other high-level characters. Therefore, you may not have more than two "alts" until you have brought your main character up to level 90. We do engage in guild-organized runs and activities, but you must access the forums and show up to the events to take advantage of them. If you don't, there isn't much we can do to help you! Also, because we put fair play and helping our fellow guildies before sheer competitiveness, we grow a little more slowly than some guilds. If all you care about is getting the last piece of your epic set, this is not the guild for you.

We're looking for active players with a real interest in game progression. Anyone who allows their character to go inactive for one month without letting us know that they'll be gone (we have a "vacation/away" forum) will have that character demoted or booted for inactivity. However, most of our people are adults with families, jobs, and full lives, and because of that we try to be fairly flexible in our demands.

Guild Resources

Resources for the guild, such as the Discord server, are for the use of guild members only. Loans, grants and items from the guild bank are meant to benefit you and your guild-related characters and activities. Some resources (such as bank loans) are available only to players who have completed their probationary periods.

Membership is a Privilege

This does not mean that the officers see it as some sort of privilege that "you" get to be in "our" guild. On the contrary--it means that we think you all are such a great group of people that we just aren't willing to let random people come in and use the guild to their own ends. People who want to be a part of this community on equal footing will be welcomed as such. Those who want to take advantage of the people and resources here without giving in return will be shown to the door. You guys make this the great guild it is, and that's why we have these guidelines.

Happy hunting, and see you all in game !
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Guild Rules
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