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 Zeffix - Mage, applying for raiding

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PostSubject: Zeffix - Mage, applying for raiding   Sun Oct 19, 2014 1:33 am

1. What is your character's name, class ?
Zeffix (Outland-EU), I play a mage

2. What is your age ?
Currently 16 years old, but most of my online friends are actually around their 20's so I usually get along well with people older than I am.

3. Agnus Dei raid times are 7:30pm until 11:00pm server time every Thursday, Monday, Tuesday and maybe Wednesday. What times can you raid ? What time zone are you located in ?
I can raid on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 7:00pm until 11:00pm servertime. On friday I am also available a bit later in the night, from about 8:30pm.

4. Do you meet our requirements? If not, why?
I don't, actually. I don't meet the age requirement of 18+, but I personally feel this shouldn't be a problem as it has never been a problem in the past for me either (to play with people older than myself, that is). Besides that, I don't know if it's a typo or not, but raiding until midnight is something I can only do occasionally. If the raid times are however until 11pm, then that is a complete non-issue.

5. Has an Agnus Dei member agreed to sponsor you, if so,who ? Who else do you know from Agnus Dei and how ?
I don't know anybody in the guild at the moment, sadly.

6. Why do you want to join Agnus Dei ? Tell us more about your reasons for applying.
I want to join Agnus Dei because it is one of the few guilds that maintains good progress, while raiding on the times that I am available for raiding. This is what got me interested in the guild.

7. Successful raiding is as much about preparation as it is about execution. When you're not raiding, what are you doing to prepare for challenging raids ?
To prepare for challenging raids, I make sure I check out multiple video's and read a few articles about bosses that the guild is planning on tackling next raid. This way I won't ever be surprised whenever a boss is pulled. I make sure my character is as optimized as possible, wearing the best gear available to me with the best gems and optimal enchants. Finally, I actually spend a lot of time doing flex raids, world bosses or even just time in front of the dummy, to make sure my rotation is as smooth and fluid as I want it to be.

8. How well do you know your class? Briefly explain your answer.
I know my class inside out and I am fully aware of every little mechanic or intricacy in the mage class. I have actually coached multiple mages in my old guild to become better at what they're doing, and all three of them showed improvement in their DPS. I have played the class since patch 4.3 (Dragon Soul) so everything about it feels very familiar to me.

9. What raiding have you done ?
I started raiding pretty late into 5.4 actually. Before that I was a PvP player, but that's probably not very interesting for a raiding guild. I started around April 2014, joined a guild, quickly became an officer and raidleader in that guild, lead my own 10 man team to 8/14 HC within 2 months, merged with the other 10 man group in the guild and proceeded to kill SoO 11/14 HC before ultimately falling apart as a guild in August.

10. Your gear (link profile)

11. What do you think you can bring to Agnus Dei ? And, why do you think your style of play will work well with our guild ?
What I can bring to Agnus Dei is a formidable DPS player that does more than just carrying his own weight. I take responsibility whenever necessary, always try to push myself to the limits and do just that little bit more than what is required, all to help the group progress. I think (or, hope) that this style of play will work well with Agnus Dei because I always try to do whatever I can to improve progress.

12. Are you ready to be not invited to raid several times in a row because older guild members taking spots or Raid Leader thinks that u are not prepared?
Honestly, getting a bench spot is not what I'm after, I want to be part of progress, not sitting on the bench for just in case someone else drops out. If the raid leader however feels that it's best for the group if I sat for one or two raids, I'd shrug it off and just wait for my time to shine. So long story short, I'll wait my turn if necessary, but I'm not at all interested in always being on the bench.

13. List all previous online guilds you have belonged to. Why did you leave them ?
Synthesis (Outland-EU): First (and only) guild I have ever been in. I am leaving the guild because it's simply dead now. The GM of that guild quit WoW due to IRL issues he was having, and nobody was there to step up and take over control of the guild. Together with a few other officers and loyal members, I tried my hardest to keep it together, but to no success. So now, all of us that are left are looking towards joining new guilds to raid with in Warlords of Draenor - so here I am!

14. Parting Comments ? (optional)
The only comment I'd really like to make is that I hope you enjoyed reading through my application and you will seriously consider it, even though I might not exactly meet all the requirements! Besides that, thank you for your attention, and I hope to hear from you soon.
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Zeffix - Mage, applying for raiding
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