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 Small summary of guild meeting 16-06-2017

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PostSubject: Small summary of guild meeting 16-06-2017   Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:45 am

Meeting summary:

Loot system, ranks will be reset so all (including officer) will be set to raider, after the first few weeks anybody with 100% attendance and good performance will be promoted to Core Raider. We are using personal loot for the first few weeks of ToS, then we switch to personal loot like the system we had in nh and tier pieces will be loot council in heroic and mythic.
We will prefer for ppl to stick to one character for progression. If you can't get any upgrades from heroic it is fine for you to bring an alt but you might be asked to log over to your main.
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Small summary of guild meeting 16-06-2017
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