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 RC Loot Council

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PostSubject: RC Loot Council   Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:33 am

Dear fellow raiders,

Recently we've changed our loot system to master loot, as mentioned before this is something new we're trying. The reason we switched to master loot is so that the loot would go to the people that need it and we'd avoid players getting titan-forged items they won't use & can't trade.

That said I do understand that certain people feel like they now have no chance to get to get any loot, but you shouldn't! This system is designed to reward people who show up to raids at a consistent rate, so when we move over to mythic progression the players who have been attending a majority of the raids (and hopefully will keep attending) will be in proper gear and ready to perform at their best.

Loot will be distributed as follows

Core raider > Raider > Trial Raider > Social

Regular loot:

  • Big Upgrade > Minor Upgrade > Greed > Offspec > Transmog

  • Selecting Big Upgrade: Means the item is a great upgrade for you, if it's BIS you must write it in the note (right side)

  • Selecting Minor Upgrade: Means you can do without but it would be nice to have it, this is also what you select if the item is a slight ilvl upgrade!

  • Selecting Greed: Means that it might come in handy in some fight!

  • Selecting Offspec: Means that you could use it for, well yeah.. your offspec!

  • Selecting Transmog: Means it looks fancy and you'd love to pretend you're wearing it!

Tier pieces:

  • 4set > 2set > 3set = 1set > Upgrade > Titanforge

  • Selecting 4 Piece: Means that you've got 3-set currently, getting this piece will upgrade you to 4-set!

  • Selecting 3 Piece: Means that you've got 2-set currently, getting this piece will upgrade you to 3-set!

  • Selecting 2 Piece: Means that you've got 1 set piece currently, getting this piece will upgrade you to 2-set!

  • Selecting 1 Piece: Means that you've got no set piece currently, getting this piece will upgrade you to 1-set!

  • Selecting Upgrade: Means that you've got 4-set, getting this piece will allow you to replace one of your current tier pieces to equip one with a high ilvl or this piece will allow you to swap out one of your current tier pieces to equip something better!

  • Selecting Titanforge: Means that you already have this tier piece, the only reason you'd want it is for the chance on a higher ilvl one.

If the specific tier piece is BIS for you (because in other slots you have legendaries or some other off-pieces with better stats) then you must mention it in the note!!

Speare and I will get a view on what the Raiders selected (including the note), then we can decide to who the item should go so it benefits the raid the most. If multiple people come in consideration for a specific item then they will have to roll against each other. Obviously, we will take lower ranks in consideration when we distribute loot i.e. a Raider who gets 4-set from a tier piece will get priority over a Core Raider for who it is just an upgrade.

You will have to trust that the loot will always be distributed so that it benefits the raid and that we don't take preference to give it to specific players, should you have doubts about how loot is being distributed you can always contact Speare or me AFTER the raid.

For the Raiders that don't the have Core Raider rank, if your attendance and performance is good it won't take long for you to get promoted so please be patient. You can't expect to have same loot priority in 2-3 weeks as players who have been with this guild for months/years. As mentioned above, you will always be taken into consideration for every item that's an upgrade for you.

The following is not allowed:

  • Receiving loot so you can trade it to a fellow Raider/friend. Doing this will result in a loot-ban for both of you for 2 weeks, not attending raids in the two weeks will result in a derank. If you received an item and you decide afterwards you don't need it you can whisper Speare or me to who it should go.

  • Swapping gear after a kill to pretend you don't have a specific item (i.e. 4-set) so you can put yourself in a better position to obtain the item. Doing this will result in a loot-ban of 2 weeks, not attending raids in the two weeks will result in a derank. On the logs you can always see the gear people used on every wipe & kill.

But honestly, guys, if the only reason you're raiding with Agnus Dei is that you want to be the first to get the shiniest gear and highest ilvl then I don't think this is the right place for you. The majority of the players in this guild are people who work full-time and when we come home to raid we want to progress and have fun. Having drama over loot is not on our schedule.

Thank you for your time, if you have any questions or comments please post them below!

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RC Loot Council
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