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 Antorus, The burning Throne

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PostSubject: Antorus, The burning Throne   Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:12 pm

Tanks are Green
Healers are Blue
Dps are Red
Healers and dps are Purple
All specs are Orange
Changes from PTR are yellow
Garothi Worldbreaker

-Fel bombardment: after a short time mortars will launch towards the tank for 5 seconds, to deal with this have the other tank taunt and then  run away from the boss and kite the mortarts to avoid damage (make sure not to hit the raid). These mortars have travel time so if you're to close to the boss you will get hit and then chained till you are dead so keep your distance.
-Eradication: Have 1 tank stay on the boss during this with a cd to prevent Carnage on the raid. The other tank just runs away with the raid.

Healers and DPS:

Phase 1:

-Searing Barrage: Hits random raid members for minor damage. On PTR this starts after the 60% cannon has been destroyed (unsure if on live it starts instantly, looks like it according to the journal)
-Decimation: Debuff that expires after a short time leaving a large circle on the ground, shortly after this circle will explode dealing massive damage to anyone within and minimal damage to the entire raid. Simply run out drop the debuff then run back in. (2 people will get this debuff)
-Annihilation: Creates small circles which deals large damage to anyone within the circle split between the amount of players inside, if noone is inside the circle it will explode for massive damage to the entire raid (Very similar to the circles on Fallen avatar). Currently 3 circles will spawn (unsure if changed by raid size).

Transition: 60% 2 cannons will appear and you can choose which one you destroy(dps down)

-Apocalypse drive: AoE damage to the raid.
-Eradication: Deals massive AoE damage the closer you are to the boss and also knocks back anyone who is within 60 yards of the boss (Very similar to the Fallen Avatar's Rupture Realities). Simply run away towards the other end of the room.

Phase 2: After 1 cannon is destroyed.

-Empower: at 60% and 20% the boss will empower increasing damage dealt by 20%. at the 60% mark either the Decimation or the Annihilation will empower aswell depending on which cannon you destroyed. If you empower 1 the other ability will be gone completely from the encounter so empowered Decimation means no more Annihilations.
-Empowered Decimation: Instead of 2 players 6 players will get the debuff, to deal with this everyone should stack up and run as a group the moment the circle appears. (movement speed increased will be optimal here)people can just run to the edges, seems easiest
-Empowered Annihilation: Instead of 3 circles now 7 circles will appear (unsure if changed by raid size) if raid size doesn't matter this might be easier to deal with in a large raid group but on ptr everyone seems to be choosing to go for empowered decimation.

Tansition: 20% the cannon you did not destroy will now need to be dps'd down,  will cast Eradication again and Apocalypse drive.

Phase 3: Only ability left is the tank mechanic but the raid damage will be large so plan cd's accordingly (hero and kill the boss).

Heroic: During Apocalypse Drive lines will appear that will detonate after a short time dealing massive damage, simply move out of these.

Ps: Will try and post more and maybe some TLDR just to have a quick reminder before you start.

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PostSubject: Re: Antorus, The burning Throne   Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:48 pm

Felhounds of Sargeras


-Burning Maw and Corrupting Maw: Frontal cone that deals large damage (use mitigation) and applies a stacking debuff that will fall off eventually due to the boss mechanics, cd's are advised at high stacks. DBM shows perfectly when to taunt, however if the boss casts his 100 energy channel DBM doesnt register that but after that cast is finished it will almost instantly do the maw attack
-Sargeras's Blessing: if the dogs are withing 40 yards of each other they enrage so keep them spread out with the rest of the raid in between them.

Healers and DPS

General rule: If you have a fire debuff run away from the raid if you have a void debuff stack up.

-Consuming Sphere: This happens when the shadow dog reaches 33 energy. A sphere that gets throw out from the shadow dog inflicting increasing damage if you get hit by it (on PTR it pulls you in the closer you are to it, unsure if this is true as it is not mentioned in the journal on live servers)
-Siphon Corruption: This happens when the shadow dog reaches 100 energy deals AoE damage to the entire raid.
-Siphoned: This happens during Siphon Corruption: Deals massive damage to the target after 4 seconds split between everyone within 8 yards.
-Desolate Gaze:This happens when the fire dog reaches 33 energy. Marks players with a line which explodes after a small time, players have to run away from the raid with this (line follows the debuffed player) and be carefull they don't clip the tank with it, this cannot be avoided by the player who is targeted. the lines appear from the fire dog.
-Enflame corruption: This happens when the fire dog reaches 100 energy deals AoE damage to the entire Raid.
-Enflamed: this happens during Enflame corruption.  Explode for large damage to anyone within 8 yards, this damage is not split so run out.

The hard part about this encounter is that at some point abilities from the bosses will start to overlap just keep in mind, fire is run out, void is stack up. if you have both a fire and a void debuff it is better to run out and sacrifice yourself because it could cause a wipe. Keep in mind you can still save yourself with immunities or big damage reductions.

It seems the best way is to stack all Melee dps on the shadow dog.


-Molten Touch: This happens when the fire dog reaches 66 energy. random players will be stunned and pulled towards the boss for 2 seconds and take a lot of damage(focused healing required) and shoot out swirlies that the rest of the raid has to avoid.
-Weight of darkness: Slows target for 5 seconds and after that the person will be feared for 20 seconds, if at least 3 players soak this the fear effect will be neutralized. this can happen to your tanks aswell so keep an eye out to have dps quickly rush over to the tank so they don't get feared. (solo soaks with fear breakers are possible)

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PostSubject: Re: Antorus, The burning Throne   Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:33 pm

Antoran High Command

This fight works in 3 phases, during each phase 1 boss will be up and 2 bosses will be in their pod. When the boss is outside of its pod a player can enter that pod and use special abilities, each pod has a special ability. The bosses will have no special abilities while they are active.
While inside the Pod the player will receive a stacking debuff that will eventually oneshot them so you need 2-3 players per phase to man the pods. All pods have the same ability called Chaos pulse which deals small damage but applies a debuff that increases damage taken by 1% up to 15%, keep spamming this on the boss the enemy bosses use this ability aswell so players with high stacks will need extra healing. Each phase lasts 90 seconds.

-Exploit weakness: all 3 bosses use this ability. Cleave attack that hits for a large amount and increases damage taken from the cleave by 75% recommended to swap at 2 stacks, just make sure you are not stacked.

Healers and DPS

Admiral Svirax active(phase 1)

Pod ability(friendly):
-Withering fire: Deals damage and applies a debuff that increases damage taken by 25% but only works on adds.

Pod ability(enemy):
-Entropic mine: Creates mines around a random player that activates after 3 seconds, if you get hit by this you will take large damage and also inflict a raid wide debuff, this debuff stacks so multiple mine explosions will be a wipe.(mines can be cleared in phase 3)
-Summon reinforcements:Summons 2 types of adds, a caster and a melee dps add. The caster casts pyroblast which has to be interupted otherwise it will oneshot a player. the melee dps charge towards the furthest player (ptr says 1 of the 3 furthest players) and when they run back to the tank they will cast bladestorm. Avoid the bladestorm and cleave these adds down.

Chief Engineer Ishkar active (phase 2)

Pod ability(friendly):
-Felshield Emmiter: Places a shield at a target location that when clicked on by a player will activate reducing fire damage taken by 50% for 12 seconds, this is needed for the Fusilade ability. You will need to place 3 shield at the current boss and 3 shields at the next boss further explained at the fussilade ability.

Pod ability(enemy)
-Summon reinforcements(see above)
-Fussilade: inflicts large damage to everyone but this can be migated by the shields thrown down from the friendly pod, after each cast the damage is increased by 25% for the rest of the encounter so the further the fight progresses the more damage this is going to do.

General Erodus active (phase 3)

Pod ability(friendly):
-Summon Disruptor Beacon: Places a beacon that interupts all adds(adds should be dead at this point and wont be respawning) and destroys all mines within 12 yards of where the beacon is placed so main focus is to clear the room of mines with this.

Pod ability(enemy)
-Fussilade(see above) this is why you place the shields from Phase 2 at the next boss.
-Entropic Mine(see above).
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PostSubject: Re: Antorus, The burning Throne   Sun Nov 19, 2017 4:33 pm

Portal Keeper Hasabel

This fight consists of 4 platforms we will start on the main platform.

-Reality Tear: Stacking debuff that deals damage every 2 seconds for 30 second and when it expires deals damage to the entire raid, more damage the higher the stacks. swap on 3 stacks.2 stacks

Phase 1:

-Collapsing World: Creates a massive shadow circle on the boss with a 30 yard range, move the boss from 1 corner to the other to avoid getting hit by this. This will still deal damage to the raid.
-Felstorm Barrage: 3 lines will appear in a row dealing massive damage and knocking players back, avoid this.1 line in normal
-Transport portal: A portal will spawn for 10 seconds spawning imps that need to be interupted, they can be stunned/silenced etc, cleave them down. The portal will always spawn next to the boss.

Phase 2:

When the boss reaches 90% the fire portal becomes active dealing increased damage until the mini boss that spawns is dead, when the mini boss dies the portal will keep pulsing AoE damage. The idea is to split the raid leaving the best cleave DPS on the main platform to keep managing the imps while 1 healer 1 tank and rest dps go trough the fire portal to deal with the mini boss.

Mini boss Vulcanar: the boss casts 3 abilities, 2 of which have to be interupted, flames of xoroth and Unstable portal. the 3rd ability is supernova which creates a swirly you just have to avoid. there should only be tank damage hence why 1 healer is enough. Once the boss is dead return to the main platform which will use the same mechanics.

Sidenote: theres flaming orbs in the back you need for the shadow platform.

Phase 3:

When the boss reaches 60% health the fel portal will become active, like the fire portal AoE damage will keep increasing till the mini boss dies and after the mini boss dies it will keep dealing AoE damage. You will need 1 tank 2 healers and the same dps to go up here.

When this happens her ability Transport portal will now also spawn Spiders which need to be tanked, stunned and cleaved down. the spiders cast Acidic web which roots a player for 5 seconds which can be lethal in this encounter.

Mini boss Lady Dacidion: She casts Unstable portal which has to be interupted other than that she has 2 abilities.
-Poison essence: places a dot on everyone on the platform that ticks for 10% of current health everytime it ticks, therefore this cannot kill you.
-Felsilk Wrap:stuns a player in a web and deals damage till the web is destroyed, because of this players should be at roughly 2.5/3mil health to not die from this. Once the boss is dead return to the main platform which will use the same mechanics. Everyone can stack up under the boss.

Sidenote: theres fel pools at the back, don't stand in them, they only have use on the mythic difficulty.

Phase 4:

When the boss reaches 30% health the void portal will become active dealing increased damage till the mini boss is dead and after the mini boss dies it will keep pulsing damage. you will need 1 tank 2-3 healers and ranged only dps.

When this happens her ability Transport portal will now also spawn Hungering stalkers which need to be tanked, stunned and cleaved down. these adds have an interuptable cast that if it goes off silences all players for 6 seconds.

Now the last Mini boss I am not entirely sure how some of the mechanics work because dungeon journal differs from PTR footage.

This boss works the same as the shadow phase during KJ, on the first platform there were fire orbs, once you touch one you get a 10 second debuff that deals ticking damage and when it expires drops the orb next to you. you have to move this orb to the shadow boss in order to damage him.
Dispelling this debuff will remove the orb completely so never dispell this.
you will need 2 orbs, 1 for the tank and 1 for the ranged dps/healers since the orb only helps players within 10 yards of it.

Mini boss Lord Eilgar: he has 3 abilities, the first being the interuptable cast Unstable portal again same as the others.
-Delusion: Gives all healers on the platform a debuff reducing the healing they do by 100% but recharging 2% mana every second, this lasts 10 minutes but can be dispelled. Manage accordingly between which healer regens mana and which healers keeps everyone alive.
-Corrupt: Corrupts players within 20 yards inflicting damage and applies a stacking debuff that increases damage taken by 15%, all ranged and healers must be away from the boss at all times.
We did not bring a fire orb so we had to search for him(illidan style on KJ) worked out fine was a bit chaotic but managed to bring the add down anyways simple stack/interupt and kill mechanic works

After this return to the main platform and burn the boss down, damage will be high from 3 active portals pulsing AoE damage combined with the tank debuff and the shadow circle.

PS: I don't know how Cloying shadows works. Assuming said player has to run away from the group and get dispelled. This is for the shadow portal mini boss.

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PostSubject: Re: Antorus, The burning Throne   Sun Nov 19, 2017 6:25 pm

Eonar the life binder

This encounter is basically Tower defence.

Click M regularly to check the spawns, callouts are very important, Tanks can just split, if 1 tank takes the big add the other can move on to potentionally tank another add at another portal.
In the Image above Are all the Lanes
Yellow is Top
Red is Mid
Purple is Bottom
The green circles are point which leap you towards the other platform to navigate easier trough the map.
You will also be able to use an extra action button that on the first click shoots you into the air and the second click propels you forward.
The main goal of the encounter is to charge up Eonar with energy, once she reaches 100 energy she will deal 25% damage to the Paraxis and also damage the current adds. do this 4 times and you win. If you know the spawn timers and the amount of energy each add gives it might be an idea to keep some adds alive till the next wave spawns and then push Eonar to 100 energy to instantly damage that wave.

As of this moment I do not know what spawns where and when but hopefully once this hits live it'll be easier to know where to go with timers. I do know at some point 2 lanes will be active at the same time so the group has to be split up.

There are 4 basic add types  which follow to simply tower defence mechanic of spawning and running towards the end doing nothing else. they can't be tanked. and 1 add that does the same but has 1 ability

Felguards: Average walking speed, average Health
Felhounds: Fast walking speed, low health
Fel lords: Slow walking speed, high health
Volant Kerapteron(felbats): Flies around the map not following the routes like the land units do.
The idea is to slow/stun/root the adds and dps them down.

Fel-charged Obfuscator: Cloaks nearby units making them untargetable. (You can still hit them with AoE abilities)
When the Fel charged Obfuscator is up slow the other adds with traps etc so it outranges the cloak ability.

There's 2 adds that have to be tanked
Fel infused Destructor: When this spawns it will walk a bit before resetting all treath and meleeing the first target, because of this melee should wait for the tank to get aggro before moving in to avoid getting oneshot. if noone is in melee range this thing will destroy Eonar very fast. his only other ability is Artillery strike which has to be interupted otherwise it will damage Eonar.

Fel-powered Purifier: This Gives nearby allies immunities to CC so should be tanked away from the adds. It also has a cleave so it must be faced away from the raid.didn't see this add on normal

Apart from this theres also the Paraxis flying above which uses 3 abilities you have to deal with.
Rain of fel: Marks a few players who will explode for AoE damage after a short while spread out with this.
Paraxis Artillery: Damages random players(shows magic effect in the journal, maybe dispellable?)

on Heroic the paraxis had 1 additional ability
-Spear of Doom: Marks a player who will get chased by a laser leaving fel pools on the floor, these fel pools buff the movement speed of adds and damage players so try and put this on the edges of the route.

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PostSubject: Re: Antorus, The burning Throne   Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:20 pm

Imonar the Soulhunter

This boss works in platforms, Phase 1 and 3 is on the first platform and Phase 2 is on the second platform, if you're on the wrong platform you will die. there are knockback effects that can knock you off the platforms so be carefull.

Phase 1:

-Shock Lance: Deals large damage, increases physical damage taken by 10% and while debuffed you deal damage to a random target per stack, swap at 3-4 stacks.4 stacks
Also keep in mind you will have to move to boss around due to mines.

Healers and DPS
-Sleep Canister: Sleeps random players for 20 seconds, when this is dispelled everyone within 10 yards will be stunned for 8 seconds, have everyone run away from debuffed players before dispelling them.
-Pulse Grenades: Throws grenades at nearby targets, when triggered deals large damage to the player, knock them back and increases nature damage taken by 50%. These last the entire fight so the better they are positioned in Phase 1 the easier they are to deal with in Phase 3. Keep in mind Immunities will only stop the damage, not the knockback and the debuff.

Intermission: 66%

The boss will fly towards the next platform and start channeling Conflagation (unsure if this damages players on normal).
The boss will drop loads of traps on the bridge you have to cross so avoid these. Have designated soakers and dispellers to soak the traps as you'll have to return over this bridge to enter Phase 3 and it seems a lot easier if you've already cleared part of the traps on your first crossover.
He uses 2 traps during this intermission
-Pulse grenades:See above
-Statis Trap: Deals large damage and stuns anyone within 3 yards for 8 seconds (dispellable). Immunities won't stop the stun, only the damage.
fire along the edges on both intermissions
Phase 2:

-Sever: Inflicts massive damage (use mitigation) and applies a strong stacking debuff on the target, for 18 seconds, Swap at 2-3 stacks and then whenever the debuff drops(could be 4 not sure how often he casts this)2 stacks

Healers and DPS
-Charged Blasts: 1 ship will fly in from each side  and target a random player, after 7 seconds a beam will shoot from the ship towards the player dealing large damage, applying a large dot and knocking them back, make sure the debuffed player is the only one  in the raid that gets hit by this. (everyone should be able to see the lasers before they go off making it easier to avoid)
-Schrapnel Blast:A mine that  when created deals AoE damage to the entire raid, leaves a large dot to anyone who triggeres it.

Intermission: 33%

The boss will fly back to the first platform and start casting Conflagation(see above), any remaining traps on the bridge and the first platform will still be active as well as new traps the boss will throw on the bridge, during this (possibly heroic only) the sides of the bridge will also be on fire making it harder to move.
-Schrapnel Blast: See above
-Blastwire: Basically a tripwire that deals a large amount of damage to the entire raid if you trigger it.

Phase 3: Hero phase!

-Empowered Shock Lance: Same debuff as the first phase only it will not fall off, rotate accordingly to keep as low amount of stacks as possible on both tanks and use debuff on higher stacks damage dealt to the raid is now every 4 seconds instead of 3.

Healers and DPS
-Empowered Pulse Grenades: Sticks to a target player causing them to deal pulsing AoE damage to all players within 5 yards and knock them back for 30 seconds
-Empowered Shrapnel Blast: Creates swirlies on the floor you have to avoid, if hit you will get a debuff that lasts until you die.

Heroic: During transmissions the boss will be Imune to damage until interupted, Pusle AoE damage and throw giant fire balls acros the bridge. He will also gain a stacking damage increase that lasts for 20 seconds after he has been interupted.

Green traps are from first intermission, red ones from second intermission, the fire along the edges only appear on second transmission(possibly heroic only)

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PostSubject: Re: Antorus, The burning Throne   Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:06 pm


Phase 1: /range 5 is your friend here.

-Forging Strike: Deals large damage to the tank and anyone within 5 yards and applies a debuff that increases damage taken by Forging strike by 200%, swap on 2 stacks. use mitigation. Can also swap on 1 stack
-Diabolic Bomb: an orb (3 on heroic) will spawn on keep circling around the room until soaked, when soaked deals damage to the entire raid but players further away will take less damage, have the off-tank Soak these at the other side of the room (possibly dps with immunities can do this aswell), Maybe assign 1 healer to keep an eye out for the soaking tank. Seems minimal damage on normal, just try not to proc it with the 100% increased shadow damage.

Healers and DPS
-Reverberating strike: Strikes a random target dealing large damage to everyone within 5 yards and leaving a spot on the floor that lasts the entire fight(or the entire phase, not sure).
-Ruiner: After a short cast time the boss wil shoot a laser out of his hand that slowly rotates around the room dealing massive damage to anyone getting hit.
-Shattering Strike: Deals AoE damage

Phase 2: When boss reaches 100% energy, the boss gets 99% damage reduction.

First phase 2: 1 of each add---- Haven't seen the entire fight yet but seems to be only 2 adds spawning instead of 3 First Phase is purple and Red, in pugs best order to kill seems to be Red>Green>purple
Second phase 2: 1 demolisher and 2 annihilators----- same as above, Purple and Green this time
third phase 2: 2 decimators and 1 annihilator----- same as above, purple and green again I think
adds deal minimal melee damage and don't need to be swapped
3 gates will open revealing 1 add, these will channel for 40 seconds during which they take inscreased damage before they activate The increased damage starts at 90% but slowly falls off the closer they are to being activated so use dps cooldowns at the start, when they activate the gates will be closed and any remaining players still inside will diewill take ticking damage instead of dying. Split up the group into 2 groups with equal amount of heals, dps and tanks. The goal is to kill 2 out of 3 adds before they activate.

During this phase the boss will cast 2 abilities:
-Apocalypse Blast: Swirlies on the floor dealing large damage, avoidable.
-Flames of the Forge: Pulsing AoE damage

Depending on which add stays up you will have to deal with its mechanics alongside the boss mechanics which reactives after Phase 2 ends. Each add has 1 ability and have to be tanked.

Garothi Annihilator: The green one
-Annihilation: Circles that have to be soaked to prevent raid wide damage, 1 player per circle.
Garothi Decimator: The red one
-Decimation:Similar to the first boss, run away from everyone with the large circle so you are the only one that gets hit, the radius is huge on this one.
Garothi Demolisher: The purple one
-Demolish: Debuffs random players when it expires deals massive damage split between al players inside a 10yard radius and debuffs them with a 100% increased damage taken for this ability, immunities help to prevent the debuff. Seems to be the worst add so preferably never have this up.

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PostSubject: Re: Antorus, The burning Throne   Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:54 pm


Patchwerk style dps check fight.

So the main idea in this encounter is to avoid shadow damage at all costs.
When taking shadow damage you will be debuffed with Misery, reducing all healing taken by 100% for 7 seconds and also increasing physical damage taken by 200%.
On PTR you couldn't heal people but absorbs still worked so those can be really handy to save people. Spirit link worked aswell to save people.

-Shadow Strike: Deals moderate amount of shadow damage to the tank, because it's shadow damage you will gian misery so swap instantly. (shows up as cleave in ptr but in journal seems to be single target, if single target tanks can just stand on top of each other) seen vids with tanks standing shoulder to shoulder and only 1 getting the debuff, unsure if this works on heroic aswell, on normal tanks can stack, its a 15 yard cone on heroic

Healers and DPS:
-Alone in the darkness: if you are not within 8 yards of another player you will be hit for 1.1mil shadow damage, some people will be forced to move out at some points, make sure these people are full health.
-Dark Fissure: As seen in the picture above void zones will appear under random players which everyone has to quickly move out of, these deal shadow damage aswell leaving misery, they used 3 points in the fatboss guide, seems easier to have the entire raid stack instead of ranged and melee spread for easier AoE healing.
-Marked Prey: Marks a player after 5 seconds the boss will charge that player and deal a small amount of shadow damage and knock the player back, however only the first person in line will get hit (similar to the 3rd boss in black rook hold) the annoying part is that this knockback can  cause you to also take A alone in the darkness hit, possibly immunity soak rotation or mobile classes like rogues with shadowstep to remove the extra damage from alone in the darkness.
-Torment of Flames: minor AoE damage to the raid every second, can become problematic with the reduced healing taken debuff. At one point this damage will change to shadow which is the enrage.

Heroic: Instead of Torment of Flames you will also Get Torment of Frost and Torment of fel
-Torment of Frost: Happens after 2 minutes, Same as Torment of flames but also reduces all movement speed by 40%.
-Torment of Fel: happens 2 minutes after Torment of Frost begins, Now ticks every 5 seconds but every Tick increases the damage it deals by 50% you'll get around 25 ticks meaning that near the end of this people who are debuffed are most likely going to die.
-Necrotic Embrace: Corrupts a random player after 6 seconds it deals 1.5mil shadow damage to the player and applies this debuff to anyone within 10 yards, someone not moving out with this will most likely cause a wipe.

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PostSubject: Re: Antorus, The burning Throne   Thu Nov 23, 2017 8:39 pm

The Coven of Shivarra

-Shiven Pact: When the bosses are within 18 yards of each other they gain a 99% damage buff, you will have to tank swap so try to make the damage reduction as short as possible during this.

Healers and DPS:

-Sense of Dread: AoE damage that gets higher the closer the non-active boss is to finishing it's torment cast, the stacks will drop when the torment cast is finished.

During the entire fight 1 Titan will be tormented, when it reaches 100 energy (after 80 seconds) it will cast a special ability and spawn adds. You can see which adds are going to spawn because the non-active boss will be channeling which titan it is tormenting

-Machinations of Aman'thul: Start a long cast that when finished heals the caster to full health and debuffs the entire raid. Single target these down as AoE'ing could result in all of them healing to full.

-Fury of Golganneth: If you are within 2 yards of another player you will take massive damage, spread out and multi dot these down.

-Flames of Khaz'goroth: Adds spawn around the edges of the room all channeling a flamethrower towards the middle, spread out around the edges and kill them off to create room to move. do not be in the middle when this starts or you will most likely be oneshot.

-Spectral Army of Norgannon: Slow moving adds that spawn at the edge and slowly move to the other side, these have a small circles around them that if touched you will probably die. You can kill these off to clear a path but they can also be stunned/rooted and knocked back to create a path. (be carefull with knockbacks as it can kill other players)
Ps: yes when this is on farm you can try and kill someone by knocking this add into them adds have 1 hp but are immune for the first 20 seconds, just stun/root them to get trough

Phase 1:

-Fiery brand: Noura does a cleave attack that applies a stacking debuff, not sure on how many stacks to taunt, probably 2 or 3, just face her away from the raid.3 stacks

Healers and DPS
-Whirling Saber: Throws out a flaming sword that does a bladestorm animation which then slowly returns to the fire boss. simply dodge this.
-Shadow Blades: 3 shadow blades spawn from the boss and fly in random direction, these blades move slowly so should be easy to avoid.
-Touch of Darkness: Damages random players.

Phase 2: Noura and her flame abilities will be gone and replaced by Diima with her frost abilities.

-Flashfreeze: Slows the tank by 10% per stack, swap around 2-3 stacks again(not sure) this boss no longer cleaves so no issues with where to face the boss.
-Chilled Blood: Puts healing absorbs on players, when this effect ends the debuffed players will be stunned based on the amount of healing absorb remaining.
you can just use hand of freedom on the tank so you dont have to swap

Phase 3: Noura and Diima will be up at the same time
Phase 1:
Fulminating Pulse: Puts a dot on a random player that explodes after 10 seconds dealing large damage to anyone within 6 yards, on its own this is simple to deal with but overlapping with other abilities these players need to use personals and have extra healing attention.
-Storm of Darkness: The entire room gets filled with shadow dealing large ticking damage, there will be safe zones (white squares) to mitigate damage, be carefull with fulminating pulse during this.
Phase 2:
-Storm of Darkness: See above
-Orb of frost: Throws out an orb dealing AoE damage when it first spawns and slows anyone within the orb, the slow will be reduced the further you are away. simply move accordingly. this orb lasts for 20 seconds.

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This fight consists of 3 phases with 2 intermissions, the phases are similar and the intermissions are the same apart from 1 extra ability in intermission 2.

Phase 1/2/3:

-Taeshalach's Reach: All melee attacks hit a nearby target if none is found it hits the primary target twice, Also applies a debuff that increases damage taken by 5% for 12 seconds, basically swap every 12 seconds and stand on top of each other to deal with this. 1 exception to this rule is the Taeschalach Technique.

-Taeshalach Teqnique: when the boss reaches 100 energy he will cast this and use 5 abilities in a row
1:Foe Breaker: Massive damage ( big damage reduction required) in a frontal cone, only 1 tank has to soak this.
2:Flame rend: Massive damage in a frontal cone and knocks back players, this damage is shared and the knockback is reduced by the amount of players hit, if not enough players are hit the boss will gain a 50% damage increase.
3:Foe breaker: see above, the other tank has to take this one
4:Flame rend: see above
5:Searing tempest: AoE that deals massive damage around the boss after a long cast time, everyone has to run out of this. boss can transition in between these casts if his % is reached

To deal with this Tank 1 faces the boss away while Tank 2 stays behind the boss, after Foe breaker(1) Tank 1 turns the boss around where the raid will be stacked to soak Flame rend(2), after Flame rend(2) Tank 2 will taunt and turn the boss facing away from the raid and Tank 1 will remain with the rest of the raid wait for Foe Breaker(3) and then turn it back for Flame rend(4) after that everyone runs away for Searing Tempest(5)

Healers and DPS:
-Scorching Blaze: Pulse AoE damage to all allies within 3 yards for a short time, to counter this aways stay spread out.

Each Phase has 1 special ability.

Phase 1:
-Wake of Flame: Waves start appearing under the boss and after a short time these will shoot away from the boss dealling large damage to anyone hit, these will be especially hard to avoid for melee dps.

Phase 2:
-Flare: Mark 3 locations that explode for massive damage after 4 seconds, simply be alert to quickly move out of these, even if you are not in it try to move so everyone has enough room not to get hit by Scorching Blaze.

Phase 3:
-Empowered Flare: Combination of Wake of Flame and Flare, Flare happens the same as phase 2 but after the explosion waves will shoot from the explosion point, these have to be dodged.

Intermission: 80% and 40%, will cast an invulnerability shield around himself which also damages and knockbacks players. Intermission ends when both Flames of Taeshalach's are destroyed.

Flame of Taeshalach: 2 adds will spawn on opposite sides of the room which have to be tanked. They deal increasing AoE ticking damage until they die. They will empower nearby adds increasing their damage and movement speed and making them immune to CC,  try and kite these away from any small adds as buffing a small add can cause a wipe.

Ember of Taeshalach: Small adds that slowly move towards the boss, if they reach him they will explode dealing large damage to the raid, applying a dot to the raid and increasing damage taken by further explosions by 100%. These adds can be slowed/cc'd/knock backed, everything. use utility to deal with this. If buffed by the big add the explosion damage is also increased. if they are alive for more than 180 seconds they will explode regardless.

Second intermission:
-Meteor Swarm: Swirlies you have to avoid. (possible waves coming out from the boss aswell, looked like it on ptr, not mentioned in the journal)

Heroic: The small embers won't die instead they will become a pool of flame (dealing damage to anyone within them) and respawn with full hp after 18 seconds. to deal with this you have to control the adds and soak 1 every 20 seconds (that's how long their debuff lasts) otherwise all adds will explode at the same time after 180 seconds and wipe the raid. This will make phase 2 and 3 considerably harder as you'll have to deal with the adds alongside all the mechanics.

PS: Possible change to the small ember debuff reducing the debuff time to 15 seconds (was 20) and instead of 1 massive hit and a small dot it will be a stronger DoT and no massive hit meaning you could soak more with healing cd's at the same time.

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Phase 1:

There will be 2 buffs during this phase
-Gift of the Sky: Increases crit and mastery by 2k per stack.
-Gift of the Sea: Increases haste and versa by 2k per stack.
You can only have 1 of these at a time so make sure you know which one you should pick for your spec. These buffs can be placed somewhere by players so there should be a location where the buffs need to be dropped everytime. (sea in melee and sky in ranged for example)

-Sweeping Scythe: AoE cleave that increases damage taken by this ability, swap on 3 stacks.can swap on 2 stacks

Healers and DPS:
-Tortured Rage: Deals AoE damage to the entire raid.
-Cone of Death: When reaching 100 energy target a random player and after a short cast time strike in that direction leaving a Death Fog in that location until the end of Phase 1. Rotate around the room as a group and never be in front of the rest of the group when this ability is about to be cast.
-Soulblight Orb: debuffs a random player with a debuff that when expired leaves a small pool of death fog on the ground, players should run behind the raid group to drop this, if you run ahead of the raid you could box everyone in when the Cone of Death is cast.
-The gifts: 2 players will be debuffed with either Gift of the Sea or Gift of the Sky, when this debuff expires the orb will be dropped where the players stands, after that everyone can run trough the orb to get their respective buff. coordinate where buffs must be dropped.

Phase 2: Starts at 70%, during this there will be a massive lightning storm around the room to clear away all the death fog, stand in the middle of the room to avoid getting hit by this, do not stand in front of the boss because he will instantly cleave as soon as the storm finishes casting.

-Sweeping Scythe: Same as above
-Avatar of Aggramar: Buffs the tank increases their hp by 100%, movement speed by 40% and redirect any nearby damage to the tank. this is used to deal with Soulbomb.

Healers and DPS:
-Edge of Obliteration: Scythes will spawn around the room after a short time a line will go out from them and they shoot in that direction, avoid these, more scythes will appear the longer you are in this phase.
-Volatile Soul: Soulbomb and Soulburst.
-Soulburst: 2 players will be debuffed which explode to anyone within 45 yards for massive damage (reduced the further you are away) These players need to run to either West or south(callout who goes where)
-Soulbomb: Works the same as Soulburst except this does 10million damage to the target and 10 million to anyone nearby. The tank which has Avatar of Aggramar has to stack on top of this person at East and use a personal to mitigate 20mil damage.
The debuff expires after 15 seconds but will tick for some damage before expiring, possibly these people need hots before running out of range or stay until the debuff is at like 8-10 seconds.

Phase 3:

2 of the adds will become active, 1 has a large sword which needs to be tanked in the middle since it buffs all nearby adds and 1 with 2 daggers which has to be tanked near other tanks for cleave damage. During intervals these adds will drop their weapons and 2 others will instantly gaining their weapons, you have to pick up the new adds quickly before any dps dies.

Healers and DPS:
-Cosmic Ray: random players will be targeted with a line that inflicts damage to anyone within, have these players stand still while the rest of the raid moves out, make sure the marked players dont hit each other with the same beam.
-Cosmic Beacon: Has to be interupted otherwise it deals massive damage, assign 1 dps to each add for this.
-Starblast: Never interrupt this, when you interupt an add it will be immune to interupts for 20 seconds meaning you can't interupt Cosmic Beacon.
Dps look at the image above to determine which add you should be dpsing.

Phase 4: Everyone Dies, make sure pots and bloodlust are used before this phase as it will reset, when ressing remember to use runes again.

If noone is fighting Argus he will oneshot the group after a cast so ress asap and start fighting the boss again.

Eonar will spawn a tree at a random location (North,south,west,east), run into the tree to res (Hungering souls are in the spirit realm knocking you back and slowing you, avoid these) and continue to fight, some people will die during the encounter so keep using this tree to ress, I think everytime you die potions/Bloodlust reset so depending on how many Bloodlusts we have it could be an idea to bring lots of drums.hero does not reset

This tree has energy which is consumed per ress, if the energy on the tree runs out it gains a stacking dot everytime someone resses, can be healed but to many resses will mean the tree will die removing the ress aspect of the encounter. (maybe battle ress on cd to reduce the energy taken by the tree)

When a Reorigination Module is destroyed it will leave behind motes of Titanic power, dead players need to pick this up to buff the raid with increased dmg/move speed and healing, the higher the stacks the stronger this effect, this effect drains slowly so try to keep it up at all times.

-Deadly Scythe: Same as the Scythe from Phase 1 and 2 but the debuff will not drop and the damage taken per stack is increased, have 1 tank take it untill he dies he can then ress with the tree.heroic only, on normal you can just reset your stacks lol

DPS and Healers:
-Soulburst and Soulbomb, same as above but there will be no tank to deal with Soulbomb so you'll have to die. Also smart to wait with ressurecting till after these explode as you could ress and get insta killed by the explosion if you ress closeby(depending on where the tree spawned aswell)
-Tortured Rage: Same as in Phase 1, because of all the damage going out in this phase a healer cd is recommended for every Tortured Rage
-Ember of Rage: Swirlies on the ground you have to avoid.
-Reorigination Modules: Orbs spawn around the room which start to expand, kill these before they reach the raid, when killed they will explode within the circle they created and Spawning Motes of Titanic Power.

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Antorus, The burning Throne
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